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Apart from research I also like strategic boardgames
If you also enjoy predicting others best responses to your best responses and minimise the effect of luck then you try out some of the following.


You're a German farmer from the middle ages with the goal of upgrading from a wooded hut you are currently living in to a stone house with corn fields and a menagerie of animals to eat. A great game and highly addictive, if you get more than 54 points then you are better than me.

Puerto Rico

Set in the warmer setting of Puerto Rico you are a plantation owner trying to export the most produce back to your home country. A lot easier to pick up than Agricola, but to win you need to be able to reliably predict what all the other players are going to do all the time.

Modern Art

This is for all those micro economists out there, who want to implement their mechanism design knowledge. The goal is to buy and sell art to make the most money. There are 4 different auction types, English, Dutch, Sealed bid and Fixed price, with the value of the art purchased varying, dependent on how much of that artist has been sold during the duration of the game.

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