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Mobile Phones and Teacher Allegations

February 23, 2023

A media segment on morning TV combining two of my research topics. A teacher has had an allegation made against them of forcibly removing a mobile phone from a student. My Ill Communication paper cited in general conversation about the impact of phones in schools.  

Ill Communication: Mobile Phones and Student Performance

January 01, 2020

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Top of the Class: The Importance of Ordinal Rank

September 01, 2013

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Other News Outlets: BBC Newcastle, BBC Shropshire, BBC Tees and UCB Radio. The Sydney News (Australia), Lancashire Telegraph, (Denmark), Adevarul (Romania), (China), (Greece), merdeka (Indonesia) (24/09/2013)

Live interviews with: BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC London Radio, Berkshire Radio, BBC West Midlands (23/09/2013)

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